Weekend Links

Profits for buyout firms as company debt soared The era of finance capital dominance continues. Land reform under Lula: One step forward, one step back Lula and agribusiness move in on Brazil’s landless movement. Cops ‘stop-and-frisk’ more than 500,000 New Yorkers on the street each year The occupation continues: Ray Kelly brags he’ll stop 600,000

50,000 Lineup for Housing Aid in Detroit: Where is the Left?

-Will I only have two questions when reading the World Socialist Website article: What does this say about the objective situation for the radical/ revolutionary left? Where is the radical/ revolutionary left? TheWSWS websites writes: “In a scene reminiscent of the crowds of jobless workers who lined up for free soup during the Great Depression,

The “Twin Pitfalls of Tailism and Adventurism”: on the campus movement in California

Advance the Struggle has produced a very good assessment of the strategic and tactical debate inside the 9/24 walkout in California, and some key ideas and questions about where things need to go. check it out. they write: “Some organizers at UC Berkeley stated that an occupation at that time would have been premature, and

Abahlali baseMjondolo attacked by ANC militia

Members of Abahlali baseMjondolo have been murdered by militia commanded by local ANC party bosses. Abahlali is the shack-dwellers movement in South Africa, struggling for housing, land and basic services. They have faced increased police repression and it seems clear these attacks, which targeted well-known leaders of Abahlali, were tolerated by the police. Follow Abahlali’s