5 thoughts on ““Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell” Debate with Lt. Dan Choi and Queer Activist Mattilda Bernstein Sycamore”

  1. Sorry to be a one-liner, but a question I want to ask is about the idea of “no-options” for (mostly) poc’s and working class folks in non-urban places. In my own work, I’ve seen this to be something of a very real truth, but also a LOT of resistance on the part of working class and poor schools by both parents and youth to keep recruiters OUT; recruiters act like leaches on communities of color, and always lie, and often bully and intimidate people into joining. What they often propose however are other strategies for continuing education, or trade school. What can we do now that these “options” (embodied in the dream act promise of “education or recruitment” for citizenship) are slimming? In Seattle we talked about pressuring big employers, such as UW, to hire and provide emprentice-ships for people from low-income schools to be in skilled trades. What is a queer lib strategy that can work alongside this? How can those of us struggling for queer lib push counter-recruitment missions to take seriously the added difficulties of queer folks in high schools and community colleges?

  2. apologies for lack of clarity, by “they” I mean parents and others involved in counter-recruitment, not the recruiters themselves. Also, for those interested, this is an organization I volunteered for that is made up of a lot of recent and older veterans who do counseling and counter recruitment (they now call it “truth in recruitment”).

  3.  cg, I found this very helpful:  
    Queer Counterrecruitment Guide:  DADT Repeal Puts Queer Youth at Risk

    There’s also a great Queer Counterrecruitment Resource Guide you can download.  It was written in Denver and I’d like to adapt it for Puget Sound.

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