[REPOST] US-plaining is not enough. To the Western left, on your and our mistakes

Commons Journal, which is based in Kyiv, Ukraine, shared an important letter to the Western left about the changing conditions in the world, and how our analyses must adapt. We are reposting the piece written by Volodymyr Artiukh below. US-plaining is not enough. To the Western left, on your and our mistakes By Volodymyr Artiukh

A Past to Legitimate, A Vengeance to Exact: An In-depth Study of Race (Part 2)

There is broad agreement on the left that race has played a key role in the development and continuation of global capitalism. Yet race is often still seen as a distinct system of inequality, or an accidental byproduct of capitalist, hierarchical human relations. In the year following the George Floyd uprising, and amidst an ongoing

Current Moment = Crisis

Climate disaster, a pandemic, massive unemployment, a Black led movement against the institution of policing—and that’s just the US. How do we understand the multiple and overlapping crises undergirding this current moment? In this video, members of Unity & Struggle utilize integral parts of Marxist economics to understand the present day economic crisis. We step

Unity and Struggle Affiliates with Marxist Center Network!

We are happy to announce that Unity and Struggle has affiliated with the Marxist Center, a network of revolutionary socialist groups and individuals around the United States! Marxist Center members come from a range of political backgrounds and experiences, but are united by a commitment to revolutionary socialism, non-dogmatic debate, and building fighting organizations in