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Zelaya’s return to Honduras met with force Zelaya gets back into Honduras under the protection of the Brazilian embassy while the struggle against the oligarchs continues Los Angeles Police Move Against Gang Avenidas is raided by over a thousand police Economic Vandalism In a scrape over tariffs on tires between China and the U.S., The

A Summer of Workers’ Revolts and Ethnic Divisions in China

By JOMO and BaoYunCheng Two major incidents in China have grabbed international headlines recently. First are the workers protests, occupations and strikes against the privatization that took place in Jilin and Anyang. Second, are the inter-ethnic rebellions in the Xinjiang Autonomous region, also known by some as East Turkestan. The authoritarian measures taken by the

Analyses of Blomkamp’s District 9 & Abrams’ Star Trek

-BaoYunCheng I wrote these analyses immediately following the releases of these two summer blockbuster sci-fi films. My Analysis of Peter Jackson/Neill Blomkamp’s District 9: District 9 is one of the more entertaining films of our generation. Despite its elaborate critique on systematic racism, though, the movie itself prescribes liberal racism and elitism to overcome the

Weekend Links

Irving Kristol, Godfather of Modern Conservatism, Dies at 89 From Trotskyist fellow-traveler to godfather of neo-conservatism. House votes to deny all federal funds for ACORN Democratic-majority House and Senate votes to cut off all federal funds to ACORN after right-wing hit. South Carolina and the other race battle behind Rep. Joe Wilson’s outburst The changing

Not a Recession, but a Depression for Black workers

Despite some important examples of struggles in this country in response to the effects of the economic crisis, it is the capitalist who have carried out a consistent offensive. The devastation from unemployment is the worst since the 1930s, and the real percentage of which is above 16%, with over 20% in some areas. But