Check out this documentary on the police brutality immigrants faced in 2007 in Macarthur Park in Los Angeles.  There is also an important story about what the Non-Profit, CHIRLA, did in this march and after. It raises deep questions about the nature of the Non-Profit complex itself, but that can be explored in discussion.

This piece was made by folks in Revolutionary Autonomous Communities. They have been doing some important work. I hope they update their blog more often so word can get out.

One thought on “Police Brutality in Los Angeles

  1. This is some bullshit. It really shows how constitutional rights like freedom of a assembly are not at all guaranteed and can’t be taken for granted. The oppressors will take whatever they can away from us unless we fight back.

    It’s frustrating but not surprising that the liberal nonprofits decided to work with the cops and scapegoat anarchists and “outside agitators.” The system could never function without them playing this kind of role. If the cops were all white, if the mayor were white, etc., then I imagine folks would rise up against this kind of police terror. But because the mayor is Latino he can claim he represents Latino folks and can rely on a network of ethnic patronage through the nonprofits and so-called community leaders. These folks reinforce white supremacy and try to keep their people down in exchange for occasional reforms that can easily be taken away at any moment.

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