It has been said many times that the disaster in Haiti is not simply a natural one but also historical. The U.S. government and official society is infusing its bankrupt system with moral legitimacy by, once again, descending upon its neo-colony in Haiti. To read and watch the cynical power moves of a vile system take advantage of a social situation they have created and plan to fortify is difficult to take. Haiti, the home of the greatest revolution the Americas has ever seen and we still have not fulfilled, is an open wound that, like Katrina and the current capitalist crisis, is reminder of how far the people have to go to take the offensive against the ruling class. No white supremacist, clear-eyed bluster about pacts with the devil or the comfortable, self-assured platitudes of a decadent political class can obscure this history or deny this task.

Thanks to Three Way Fight we have learned that Miami Autonomy and Solidarity and the Haitian grassroots workers organization Batay Ouvriye are accepting donations to help the people not only survive the devastation, but lay the ground work to fight back. Visit Miami Autonomy and Solidarity for more information. We hope folks we send them whatever they can.

You can also send funds to the Haiti Emergency Relief Fund.

One thought on “Donations to the Haitian People

  1. INCITE! Women of Color Against Violence also recommends donating the the Global Women’s Fund:
    “The Global Fund For Women currently funds and partners with five Haitian women’s organizations. The list of these organizations is below. GFW has a crisis fund they’ve set up to support their local partners. Contributions to GFW’s Crisis Fund will be directed to the re-building of women-based organizations and their communities after the disaster to ensure long-term equitable and sustainable development.
    * If you would like to contribute to GFW, you can do so here: https://www. donations/crisis-fund.php
    * GFW Haiti Solidarity Statement is here: http://www.globalfundforwomen. org/cms/campaigns/campaigns/ solidarity-with-our-sisters- in-haiti.html”

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