Racism is widely recognized as a cornerstone of global capitalism, yet it’s sometimes seen as an accidental byproduct of capital, or alternately, a distinct system altogether. To better understand how race and capital create each other, and reflecting on our post-Black Lives Matter organizing experiences, we are embarking on a study that seeks to understand race and capital as entwined relations. Part one, which will run from now until July, will take us from primitive accumulation through Reconstruction. We we will use Marxist and Fanonian categories of labor, alienation, and accumulation, drawing heavily from social reproduction theory and unitary theory.

Check out the open, commentable reading list to follow along and share any feedback or thoughts.

Part one includes the following sections:

  1. Foundational concepts 
  2. Primitive Accumulation
  3. Free & Unfree Labor
  4. Slavery and Capitalism
  5. Race & Alienation
  6. Wage Labor & White Supremacy

We will also be discussion each section of readings on a mini-series with Rev Left Radio. Episodes can be found here:

We hope you will join us in this endeavor!

4 thoughts on “A Past to Legitimate, A Vengeance to Exact: An In-depth Study of Race (Part 1)

  1. Enjoyed listening to the podcast. I plan on joining the study. You have assembled some interesting reading. Thanks for putting this together.

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