Five Roles of a Revolutionary Organization

Unity and Struggle

1. Build power toward a revolutionary rupture: cultivate democratic spaces where we can satisfy our needs and fight for our interests as oppressed and exploited people. Wage struggles that strengthen our autonomy from ruling class institutions and sharpen the contradictions of capitalist rule.

2. Strengthen and connect movements: weave together different movements by fostering relationships and dialogue among participants. Identify common goals, and develop shared skills, methods and campaigns through practice.

3. Link with emerging revolutionaries: seek out those who are breaking with institutional authority, taking independent action and arriving at a liberatory critique of society. Support them, learn from them, and invite them to work together in common groups and projects.

4. Clarify direction: explore the revolutionary implications of everyday resistance and struggles as we participate in them, and clarify the practical challenges and theoretical questions they encounter as they grow. Reflect these back to other participants and propose ways forward.

5. Maintain continuity over time: study past movements and apply their lessons. Make connections between high points of contemporary struggles, preserving organization, relationships and stories through the downturns.

September 2023

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